"A Day In My Shoes"
women helping women
"My Shoes, My Life, My Story"
A Day In My Shoes-Photography Project

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Tameeka and me
Oct 17, 2013 NYC

"A Day In My Shoes"
is a project to help women of domestic spousal/partner abuse get back on their feet.
Each year I will partner with a new city and shelter to
help women of abuse one city at a time.
"Women helping Women"
I couldn't make this happen without these amazing, generous ladies
wanting to be part of this incredible journey with me!

Each portrait will have a story next to the photograph.
One line will be about the shoe they chose,
and a small story of a hardship in life and how they overcame it.

With this project , all the ladies photographed are anonymous.  Five women who are
photographed for the series, will be from the shelter that have been partnered with.  
All five photographs are donated by AMFP to these ladies for their bravery and willingness to

Currently looking for partnership for 2018 calendar year.
Do you have a cool non-profit looking for a creative way to support women and honor your
donors with a creative giving back?
Contact me, amy@martinfriedmanphotography.com
A Day In My Shoes New York City
I received a letter from the city of Los Angeles mayor's office Feb 25th at Universal City, CA.
First shot - Taylor Armstrong at my event Feb 25th.

Opening at Stuart Weitzman
Oct 17, 2013 NYC
A Day In My Shoes Grand Cayman
A Day In My Shoes DEBUT San Francisco &  LA I, "Part Deux"
A Day In
My Shoes
Take 2
A Day In My Shoes New York City
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