Amy Martin Friedman is a freelance photographer with over 20 years experience with still life and real life photographs.  She has photographed the best life has to offer (like weddings, pets, and children playing) to the worst the
world has to endure (like the bombings of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center in New York).

Amy's work is a tribute to life as well as a tribute to those who have lived.  I'm currently working out of San Francisco, LA, New York,  Chicago and Portland, OR.

Over 500 Martin-Friedman Photographs are available at a modest price, usually mounted,  matted, and professionally framed.  These photographs have been hand-selected and prepared from our archives of over 100,000

Ms. Martin-Friedman started A Day In My Shoes in 2009, and continues to help shelters around the world.  One city at a time and meeting women who love to tell a story of themselves in their favorite shoes.  "I knew I had to do
something to give back to my community.  I had made very bad decisions about men and finally one day, just  needed to do this...this project is all about helping women who often feel so alone!"  Helping women to help
themselves and not repeat the cycle of abuse.  Ms. Martin-Friedman has received the Los Angeles Mayor's recognition award, and Councilman Zine of Los Angeles,  a commendation award.

Ms Martin-Friedman received an amazing honor of being one of the faces of beauty fall 2016 for Neiman Marcus.  A client of Amy's nominated her for being a woman in America making some noise in their communities.
Amy was flown out to Dallas in September of 2016 to receive her recognition for being a woman standing out and taking a stand against domestic violence.

Ms. Martin-Friedman is available for speeches, and appearances.  
Please contact Angie Reinhardt PR at for PR inquiries.
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Faces of Beauty
honor from
Neiman Marcus
Photo credit:
Emily Stoker
Carrie Ann Inaba
Dr. Ava
Taylor Armstrong
Edyta Sliwinska
Taryn Rose
I'm very lucky to have amazing women and men in my life who share my lust for life and my
work!   Here are some of the very cool clients and friends I have made over the last 10 years.
Indulge me if you will...

Terry Butler
G-D of bass
My loves.
My heartbeat.
My models,
The reason to do something good.
To leave a legacy on how to treat women.
Lisa Pliner and me
Shoe/soul sisters for life
My fav boys from NJ and LA
Participants in my shoes works or lovers of what I'm doing...
Lisa and Donalad Pliner.
A Day In My Shoes-LA
Diane Warren
Supporter of ADIMS-LA and NYC
Fashion soul sisters and brothers
Sannon Tweed and me
Me-holding Gene's ax...
yah... awesome
A Day In My Shoes LA Pumps and Pups 2- Shannon and daughter Sophie
Sophia Webster
signing my shoes
Cameron Silver
LA LGBTQ event featuring Sia and Gwen Stefani
My sweet friends who rock the shoe world!
Donald and Lisa Pliner
When I grow up, I want to be a rock n roll photographer
yeah... silly... but I love music, and the work is challenging and amazing...
I live for light... so the challenge of no light... it keeps me motivated to improve my craft.
Dave Wakling
English Beat
Sascha the toastmaster and client of mine (right)
Derek St. Holmes
Ted Nugent
Zac Posen
Great ROCK N ROLL Moments
Gene, me and El.
Yes, I;m wearing his boots...
insane night and playing his axe to the right with Shannon