The Great Frame Up
February 10th a reception will be held at the Great Frame Up in Evanston from 6 p.m.- 9 p.m. .  Join us for wine
and cheese and meet Martin Friedman.  

Great Frame Up is located at 2814 Central St.   
Eight pieces of various works are available at the Starbucks at Damen, Lincoln and Irving Park.  If you're
interested in purchasing these items please feel free to email me for purchase details.    

Starbucks is located at  4015 N Lincoln. Chicago
The Gallery at 500 Wells hosted a "photography only" night on November 19th with MartinFriedmanPhotography
being showcased.  The gallery will be showing additional new works summer of 2005.  

The gallery is located at 500 North Wells, Chicago.  

Hours: 6:00pm - 11:00pm
link to Gallery 500 Wells
A fundraiser for the family of Special Agent Terry Loftus was held in Merrionette Park, Illinois.  The event included
live music, raffles and a silent auction including sports memorabilia and artwork.  

The photo below was donated by MartinFriedmanPhotography.
This picture was recently donated to the Drug Enforcement
Administration for a benefit fundraiser for the family of Special
Agent Terry Loftus, killed in the line of duty on May 28, 2004.

If you would like one, please email us.  Portions of the sales
of this picture will go to the family of Special Agent Loftus.

$350 framed, matted, and shipped
link to

Firemen Picture Backing
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Fundraiser-Oct 2004 for the Special Agent Loftus Foundation
Gallery Showing-Nov 2004 at Gallery500Wells