Amy Martin Friedman is a freelance photographer with over 20 years experience with still life and
real life photographs.  She has photographed the best life has to offer (like weddings, pets, and
children playing) to the worst the world has to endure (like the bombings of the Federal Building in
Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center in New York).

Amy's work is a tribute to life as well as a tribute to those who have lived.  I'm currently working
out of San Francisco, LA, New York,  Chicago and Portland, OR.

Over 500 Martin-Friedman Photographs are available at a modest price, usually mounted,  
matted, and professionally framed.  These photographs have been hand-selected and prepared
from our archives of over 100,000 negatives.

Ms. Martin-Friedman started A Day In My Shoes in 2009, and continues to help shelters around
the world.  One city at a time and meeting women who love to tell a story of themselves in their
favorite shoes.  "I knew I had to do something to give back to my community.  I had made very
bad decisions about men and finally one day, just  needed to do this...this project is all about
helping women who often feel so alone!"  Helping women to help themselves and not repeat the
cycle of abuse.  Ms. Martin-Friedman has received the Los Angeles Mayor's recognition award,
and Councilman Zine of Los Angeles,  a commendation award.

Ms. Martin-Friedman is available for speeches, and appearances.  
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